Back 9 – Hole By Hole

Hole 10

The back nine starts with another river crossing, this time a par 4. The tee is well above the river and gives a good view of the fairway beyond the water and the slope up to the green. The tee shot is fairly tight between the trees and a sliced shot (if it misses the trees) may find the fairway bunker on the right. There are 2 further bunkers around the green on the left hand side.

Hole 11

A golfing rollercoaster!- the tee shot is over a slight rise which then drops as it crosses a stream and then the ground rises again and there are bunkers either side of the fairway at the crest of the hill at around 170 and 200 yards from the tee. The ground then drops to another ditch crossing which is within range of a good tee shot so that the approach to the tee is an uphill shot of around 80 yards. 3 bunkers guard the green.

Hole 12

Time to cross under the railway to a long dog leg par 4. It needs a long and well placed tee shot to give a chance of negotiating the approach between trees to the green and anything left will be out of bounds, there is now a pond to the right of the fairway where the ditch has been enlarged since the course plan was produced.

Hole 13

The first par 3 on the back nine. 190 yards from the white tee the line is through a gap in the hedge (which also has a ditch alongside it) and the green has a large bunker front left and another back right so accuracy is paramount.

Hole 14

At 462 yards off the white tee this is the longest par 4 on the course although it’s almost 100 yards shorter from the yellow. The ditch which crosses the fairway comes into play from the back tee with a 225 yard carry if you want to take it on. The ditch should be out of play from the yellow or red tees but there are 2 bunkers on the high ground just over 200 yards distant so it’s not all easy! 3 bunkers surround the green and there’s a pond to the right 40 yards short of the green.

Hole 15

The shortest hole on the course and the final par 3. It’s only 115 yards from the white tee but the green is on two levels and is surrounded by 3 bunkers and 2 ponds, Go very wide and there are trees that come into play as well.

Hole 16

Like the 6th this runs along the side of the railway so it’s double O, B all down the left side. The white and yellow tee shot is over a pond from where the ground rises until it levels off around 200 yards from the tee. There are grass mounds along the left hand side and to the right there is rough between this hole and the 14th so a straight drive is important. 2 bunkers are placed either side of the green so the shot in also needs to be straight and anything long will run into the rough behind and probably among the young trees. After this it’s back under the railway for the next (17th) tee.

Hole 17

A short par 4 but there’s out of bounds all down the right, The tee shot is over a small pond between the tall hedge and a small wood and 2 bunkers lie in wait around 170 yards from the white tees, assuming you clear these the shot to the green is fairly straightforward as long as you don’t go out of bounds to the right. There is a pylon almost behind the green when viewed from the tee- although it’s ugly it does give a line to the tee although cautious golfers may prefer to play a bit left of that line to avoid playing over the out of bounds on the right.

Hole 18

Time to head for home. A par five that drops down into the valley and crosses the river before a long uphill climb to the green. It’s 223 yards to the river from the white markers so long hitters may wish to take it on but placement needs to be good , similarly laying up needs to accurate as there is quite a bit of lofty foliage along the river. Once across the river there is OOB both side of the hole so stay straight and the green has a pond short left and a bunker immediately in front, there is also a further bunker out to the right near the practice green, Then all you need to do is putt out and head for the 19th hole for some well earned refreshment!


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